About RF Community Matters

Welcome to RF Community Matters.  My name is Jennifer Moore and I am excited to launch this information site.  You are urged to scroll through the pages/posts and offer feedback or make comments.  You are the community and your voice matters.

RF Community Matters came to life from threads of my past and present that intertwined organically, thoughtfully and practically.  In my BC (before children) life I was a journalist turned teacher before I evolved to mom.  As a member of my community, I have typically paid attention to events in town, but about a year ago I became more actively involved in a grass-roots effort to stop a hazardous testing lab from opening on a residential block in River Forest.  These efforts required assorted communications to neighbors and there began a new channel of sorts for disseminating information.  Since then I have fortunately been asked by neighbors and friends about other issues affecting our community and I have happily reported or shared what I can so others can be informed and hopefully participate.  RF Community Matters is an extension of information I have typically shared via email blasts and this medium aims to be more accessible and inclusive to the larger community.  I also hope this site can become a space for friends and neighbors to voice your ideas and opinions or calls for action.

One piece of my past is not in web development so hopefully you will bear with me as I navigate and learn on-the-job building this site.  I have a ridiculous number of ideas for how to grow this news exchange so it is as inclusive as possible with hopes for special contributors from our public, profiles or features on assorted community members, business features as well as simply ensuring River Forest has fair and accurate coverage of assorted news events.  Again, as this is a beginning, I am certain I will not be able to get to everything, but for what I can get to my goal is to make sure residents are informed and hopefully feel connected to our community. Even better, I hope you feel encouraged to participate and join in on all or some of what more often brings us together.

So thank you to those of you who either gently or urgently encouraged me to take this step, as bewildering as it feels at the moment. I really hope anyone feels free to contact me with questions, suggestions or concerns and always feel free to share any information here with others.

Jennifer Moore