Go Cubs! Go RFYBS!

Cubs fever has fully taken hold across Chicagoland, but there is another wave of baseball excitement and involvement is more accessible to residents in River Forest.

The River Forest Youth Baseball and Softball League is looking to fill five seats on its board this year and all members of the community are welcome to run for these open positions.

“The baseball program is always looking for people to volunteer, whether as a board member, a coach, or just a helping hand at the field,” said Sean Crotty, who serves as vice-president on the baseball side of the board.  “We have enjoyed extraordinary success as a program at a time when most other communities have seen their little leagues disintegrate with the rise of travel baseball and softball. That success is in large measure to the volunteers who give their time so the kids continue to enjoy such a rich experience.”

There are currently 16 members on the board and each term is three years. This past year there were four adjunct members helping out, Crotty said, adding he doesn’t believe in turning away volunteers.

Crotty said there are no specific requirements or qualifications of a board member.

“If someone has special qualifications – such as a fundraising background or graphic arts background – fantastic,” he said. “Otherwise, members just need to be prepared to work hard. It is a working board. Nobody wants to be raking cold wet baseball fields at 6:45 on a Saturday morning, but sometimes that is what needs to be done to get the games in.”

Responsibilities include attending monthly meetings as well as taking on director duties, Crotty explained. Director responsibilities vary, but may include assorted tasks such as creating practice and game schedules; coordinating umpires; purchasing, managing, and distributing equipment; as well as helping to set up and run evaluations, to name just a few.

Board members will be elected Tuesday night. Regular members elect the board members and Crotty explained anyone in  the community can attend the annual meeting and ask to become a regular member of RFYBS.

To run, all one has to do is show up this Tuesday, Oct. 18 at Skrine Chops, 7230 Madison St. in Forest Park (second floor) at 7:30 PM or email your interest to the board registration@rfybs.com

Crotty said the terms of Class C Directors are expiring this year and they include Mike Goldberg, Mike Bloch, Dave Henkes, Mike Ortiz and Kerri Willsey.

Terms of Class B Directors are set to expire in 2017 and include Kerry Paris, Tom Gladden, Angela Kremida, Derek Briggs, Crotty and J. Todd Phillips. Terms of Class A Directors are set to expire in 2018 and include Greg White, Julie Reese, Chris Koch, Marty Meehan and Mike Yungerman.

Adjuncts this past year have included Mark Tomassini, Ann Bath, Matt Gall and Lea Theis.

For more information about the league, check out their website http://www.rfybs.com





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